I Need More Tunes!

Alas, the bulk if my music collection is in a box in someone else’s garage, waiting for me to ship it overseas. I have 564 tunes on my laptop, which seems like a lot at first blush, but it’s just over 31 hours. Given that a few of the tunes aren’t very good (Enuff Z’Nuff will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes – what the hell was I thinking?) and I listen to my tunes quite a lot, the selection is wearing thin.

I really like emusic.com, where I have found several bands I never would have heard otherwise, but it’s a monthly subscription and you only get so many downloads per month. The 22nd of each month is download day, the day my account refreshes, and I have come to look forward to that day with great anticipation. By now I have several months worth of tunes queued up for download.

My hosts have a bunch of CD’s but I’ve now become too lazy to get up and choose another CD when the one finishes playing. I’m ambivalent about copying music these days; it’s kind of an extension of my philosophy that as someone who is trying to make my living selling software and eventually novels that I shouldn’t be stealing other people’s software and artistic output.

So, any of you have favorite bands with downloadable demo tracks? I can’t order CD’s because I have no place for them to be shipped.

3 thoughts on “I Need More Tunes!

  1. So, Pants, you’re messing with me again, aren’t you? Went searching the archives over at Songs to Wear Pants to (I’m gradually downloading the whole collection) and I couldn’t find Tusen Tak (or whatever it was you called it).

    Thanks a lot, pal.

  2. I don’t know if it works with Mac, and I don’t know if it fits in with your concept of stealing vs. stretching your bounds, but there is a program called stream ripper. It basically turns streaming audio into MP3. Dial up internet radio, and record the songs. Depending on the station, complete with titles etc. Great program to educate yourself in regards to new music. There must be a Mac version, if not, you should write one. Oh, yes, it’s free.

  3. I hit the motherload recently – enough to keep me busy and enough to write an entry about it. Stay Tuned. (Get it? Tuned?)

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