How You Know You’ve Ended a Story Well

My sweetie and I binged our way through Breaking Bad. The series was over before we even started, and we chewed through that mother in record time. During intermissions for work and sleep we talked about what was going on, and looked forward to more time with the series.

And then it ended. A you-saw-it-coming-from-a-mile-away-but-were-still-blown-away ending. An ending so complete and poetic that I have to sit back and admire it. I don’t hope for more tack-on seasons or spinoffs (though the prequel Better Call Saul, which we started watching before we dove into Breaking Bad, is mighty fine).

But Breaking Bad is over. It finished when it was right to finish, and if maybe some characters found redemption is was not the sort of redemption that carries them forward.

I miss the show. But I don’t want more.

4 thoughts on “How You Know You’ve Ended a Story Well

  1. So what of the New Mexico aspect? Did you appreciate it in the writing/dialog/plot? Or maybe the thrill of recognizing a location when (by the third season?) they started shooting in NM? I haven’t seen it, but both my boys have, and recommend it to me not just for the show but “for that whole New Mexcio angle, that you’d really enjoy.”

    Still, the whole idea of binge watching has stopped me from even starting.

    • I think the New-Mexicoest moment for me was seeing a crack whore at a hotel I’m pretty sure I’ve stayed at.

      I found the writing very strong; with only the occasional WTF? moments. Characters were interesting and complex. You don’t have to binge it; but it might happen anyway.

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