Holiday Plans?

I’ll be back in the Western Hemisphere shortly, and more or less at loose ends for a while. I’m not planning anything on the scale of the Mini Road Trip (some of you in the background are sniggering right now that I even needed to write a sentence that started “I’m not planning…”), but I am looking forward to some time on the open road. Christmas itself I’ll spend in New Mexico, I think.

So… are there times and places I simply must be over the holidays? Do those of you who actually make plans in advance know where you’ll be? Any strangers out there who would like to buy me a beer somewhere? I’m flexible.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Plans?

  1. I don’t know what you mean by “soon” or “holidays” (it’s Halloween in 2 days & that is what I consider “holidays”), but I will be around. Some data points:

    – I am not planning to go anywhere on typical travel days

    – I have been given a Mercedes 560 convertible (that is not a typo)

    – I will be driving to Newport Beach the Sunday after T’giving, staying a couple of days, and then driving north (in aforementioned ride).

    – I have lots of space here in Ruralia; you’re welcome as long as you like

  2. bug E, how did you land that deal? And did it also include somebody else paying the upkeep on the car?

    If the answer to that last question is “no,” I envy you. If the answer is “yes,” I really, really envy you!

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