I have a piece over at Piker Press this week. I was looking for something different in tone and I got it, by jing. I intentionally didn’t over-edit the piece, so it’s a little rough, but it works OK.


9 thoughts on “Hell-Cricket

  1. Any chance you could get the Piker folks to edit a bit and spell Abilene right?

    Otherwise, that was a great read.

  2. Abilene or Abelene. I looked at that and wondered if I should change it, but he spelled it the same way throughout, which could have meant it was a fictitious place. Drop me a line if you want it changed, Jer.

  3. Kansas or Texas? Either way, Carol Anne wouldn’t want to live away from the sight of mountains, so correct spelling is a matter of pedagogy and not personal interest in the place.

    I am now armed with my own mapy. Be afraid. Very slightly, marginally afraid. Just another silly cizinka, Pat

  4. I see. I see your future career. You will meet an interesting person in a bar. Not on a stret, but in a bar. He will have intersting stories to tell, but he will have indulged in drink and his Czeck is not the best. You will be rewarded for understanding him…

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