Happy New Years Day (observed)

This was the first holiday to be added to the Muddled Calendar, and it marked the beginning of the 2th initiative, just one of the innovative contributions of the legendary Mr7k. In his words:

January the Twoth will, henceforth, be known as New Year’s Day (Observed)tm. For those amoung us who are too (choose one or more) drunk (still), hungover, tired, way into watching football, or otherwise occupied to start the new year on January the 1st, New Year’s Day (Observed)tm is just the ticket. Think of it as a much needed mulligan on the first tee of each year.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Years Day (observed)

  1. I vaguely remember coining the oughto-oughto day based on the 02-02 month/day designation for the date. That was in the heady days of everyone chiming in with ideas on naming conventions.

    BTW, I hope you have a stack of novel submissions you oughto-oughto send to lit agents on Feb 2nd. Or some pirates work.

  2. As a pervious MOH, volunteer election observer and honorary member of the NGO Center for Non-Partisan Analysis, I believe “bellsouth.net” to be visitor number 30011 and, therefore, MOH for the first term of the 30Ks.

    Supporting documents have been sent to Jer for confirmation.

    Oh yeah, speaking of Jer, congrats on reaching the 30K visitor milestone!

  3. Monster Within Day is the day I finished my first novel.

    That would be the novel I was tweaking this morning.

    I’ll be looking into the MOH thing (I’m gradually finding places with free Internet here in San Diego – I hear Jiffy Lube has it…)

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