Happy Ground Squirrel Day!

Ah, Ground Squirrel Day, one of my favorite days of the year. How do you celebrate? Do you get your ground squirrel from the butcher’s shop or do you go old school and catch them yourself at the local park? Ground Squirrel Day isn’t celebrated as widely in the Czech Republic; the first squirrels or spring have yet to emerge from their winter dens.

I miss those times when I was a kid, sitting around the ol’ squirrel grinder. These days, it doesn’t seem like the holiday has the same innocent charm.

3 thoughts on “Happy Ground Squirrel Day!

  1. We just grab our .22’s and go into the park and shoot them. The best way to cook them was taught to me by Yancy, my dad’s cousin (not sure what he is to me). You stick them in a pot with Campbell’s creme of mushroom soup, and simmer for a couple of hours. Very tasty!

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