Happy Ground Squirrel Day

Yes, It’s March 2th, the third twoth of the year, Ground Squirrel Day. We had a poll last year to determine how to celebrate this day, but I don’t even remember what the options were, let alone what won. I think there was something about using rockets to create home-made flying squirrels, but I may be wrong.

So, boys and girls, you will have to use your own imaginations to come up with an appropriate way to celebrate. Let us know what you come up with!

6 thoughts on “Happy Ground Squirrel Day

  1. March 2nd is also Dr. Seuss Day. In addition to being a good cause, encouraging kids to read, celebrating Dr. Seuss gives him some much deserved credit.

    Carol Ann can promote Plato and Keith can laud London, but when it comes to great writers of all time let’s shout out for Seuss.

  2. I have added Dr. Seuss day to the calendar. The dude rocked.

    I wanted to do this post in Seuss-style, but I got nothin’.

  3. I do not want green eggs over easy
    I do not want them dry or greasy
    I do not want them Jer over There
    in Prague or Berlin or Trafalger Square

  4. visitor 35,023 was a limey googling for pictures of blackhawks, and ended up on the pirates page looking at the blackhawk helicopter you piloted in the film that none of us have seen.

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