Googling for Goggles

For those of you new to this game, every once in a while I look back at the search phrases that have brought people to this place in the last couple of days. Occasionally in the list I will use pig latin to make sure that subsequent searches still go to the correct article, rather than coming here. On with the show!

  • regularization – found by the Korean Google; nestled among all the mathematics is my discussion of bars.
  • urinate in public pictures – ugh. I don’t really think they were looking for a description of me walking the dogs.
  • In the last day, people have found me while searching for three different bars. I won’t name them here to prevent future search confusion
  • beach girls – I was on the 27th page of the search results, but after going that far someone clicked me
  • beach bar – once again deep, deep in the results
  • beach pictures girls – the moral of the story here is to mention the word “beach” and the words “babes” and “girls” often
  • weblog babes – as of this writing, my place has been usurped by Dr. Pants
  • ocean beach happy hour – bar related but worth noting
  • a pair of brown eyes – using the title of a folk song for a blog episode has its advantages
  • serbian beers – links to my two beers episode
  • goodbye poem to coworker – really doubt they found what they were looking for here, unless the coworker likes Scotch.

It’s worth noting that all the “beach babe” searches came from different places. As usual, there have been in the last two days many people looking for cooking advice. No squirrel searches, though, and La Dolce Vida has vanished from the Google Consciousness. X-ray gogs brought two hits yesterday.

10 thoughts on “Googling for Goggles

  1. I notice on your two beers episode, you are missing a most important language.

    We need Dr. Pants to tell us how to say “two beers” in Norwegian!

  2. The bit about regularization reminds me of a point I meant to make oh so long ago. Once here (it wouldn’t hurt to prepare a bit) you have to be unwavering on your use of Czech. The worse, the better. As long as you don’t mind the initial uncomfortable moment, and begin laughed at a bit, before you know it (within a few minutes) you will not only be regularized, but you will be getting Czech lessons from a sexy waitress who will also bring you Gambrinisus (provided you choose your bar wisely)!

  3. I have blown the dust off my learn czech DVD-ROM so I’ll at least be able to say a few things when I hit the ground. Good advice about using it exclusively, though.

    Maybe you can scout some bars for me.

  4. Strange, I came in at 3330 and decided to reload the page a couple of times to get to 3333, but it wouldn’t take, and I didn’t feel like exiting out of my browser altogether ala Kieth. When I came back later in the day it was at 3346.

  5. It’s kind of tricky for me to track that down more than a few hours after the fact, so my counting may have been off. Exiting the browser and starting it back up will not cause the counter to increment, but if you’re on dialup redialing probably will (it goes by ip address, and page loads within 30 minutes of each other are considered a single visit. If I recall correctly, you had six page loads at (I thought) 3031 and then two individual page loads at 3032 and 3033. If my counting back was off and the six loads were at 3030, then pL was 3333.

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