• pictures of nice cheap cars in orem utah – very specific, nothing to do with me.
  • buffalo milk shot catalina cacao – that’s the second hit on that recipie, so I went back and corrected it.
  • blimp races – this may have been an insider, who else would search on blimp races?
  • touring california in a winnebaggo – bad spelling meets pun
  • driving from san diego to bozeman – almost relevant!
  • czech girlfriend blog – I hope they enjoyed my homage to Marianna
  • “best trophy” sportsLord Stanley’s Cup, of course!
  • “wait to be seated” sign – pointed to the regularization episode
  • Pacific Solarium Homepage
  • every name on the stanley cup – I’d be interested in that, too
  • crazy license argeements – linked to my EULA episode, of course
  • megan smells – linked to my extremely important discussion about the proper use of perfume
  • pictures of graves – I have a few here, but I don’t know if the searcher found them
  • Pictures drawn of trumpets – linked to my old coaxial trumpet get-poor-quick scheme

As usual there are tons of people looking for cooking advice. It doean’t appear to be the same people over and over, at least not on the same day, and why would someone come back repeatedly and read only that entry? All I can figure is that there is a real demand for assistance with chicken ova and for some reason I’m coming up higher in the search results. I need to rant about improperly prepared dishes more often. People came to my page for searches on four different bars, from Wyoming to San Diego.

15 thoughts on “Googleicious!

  1. I curse sitemeter even as I hang on every hit they show. For a while my ratings were down and I breathed a sigh of relief and resolved to run my blog to please no one but myself.

    Then, when I had an episode I knew was strong, I would hold off on posting anything else. It wasn’t all about the ratings, I wanted people to see my best stuff. But the ratings were always there. late August I had my best traffic ever. Now it’s down to a level I would have loved two months ago, but now vexes me.

    When did I become such a media whore?

  2. Whatever happened to “elevator ocelot rutabaga”?

    And surely you’ve had some country fans looking for lyrics, who were looking for “Five O’Clock Somewhere.”

  3. Not in the last couple of days. While I’m still prominently featured on any search for “elevator ocelot rutabaga”, no one has bothered searching on that phrase in a long time.

    While I’ve mentioned Five O’Clock Somewhere in the comments, I’m not sure I’ve ever put it in an episode. Even if I had, I expect I’d be pretty far down in the search results.

  4. Gerald, Carol Anne: Why did you pick that particular direction to ride the train (Antonito to Chama)? Just to end up closer to 5 oclock somewhere? Are they still running two trains daily and meeting at Oshier? Do they let anyone in the cab to take pictures these days, or do you have to be a precocious child?

    Nice pics, Gerald.

  5. Keith: By taking the bus to Antonito and then the train to Chama, the trip ends sooner so the miserable working stiffs can get back to Albuquerque sooner. I also like the rush of coming out of Rock Tunnel and seeing Toltec Gorge with the river waaaaayyyy down below. And yes, it is nicer to end up close to Five O’Clock Somewhere. But we do occasionally take the trip the other direction, for variety.

    Last year, when the railroad had only one operational locomotive, the schedule was really restricted. This year, there are two locos, so on weekends, the schedule is what used to be standard: two trains, meeting at Osier and swapping locos and then continuing. Two other days a week, there is just one train straight through, from one end to the other. There are currently at least two locos being rebuilt; the hope is that next year the C&TS will be able to return to its full schedule.

  6. As for who they let into the cab to take pictures, they did let Jerry in with his fancy new camera. He just hasn’t got his own pictures up yet.

    Meanwhile, on our last trip, the train crew let Gerald blow the “all aboard” whistle before leaving Osier.

  7. So it’s precocious kids and those connected with precocious kids that get to climb up into the cab. I wouldn’t have been let up there were it not for my nephew.

  8. Sounds like you ride the C&TS fairly often (once a year +). Are you members of the Friends? Discount on tickets, you know, in addition to the good vibes in contributing to keeping the railroad going.

  9. Yep, we’re members of the Friends, and we also have season passes. We typically get on the train a half-dozen times during the season. Gerald’s thinking about becoming a docent next year, although that means he would have to ditch the super-baggy jeans and wear his pants with the waistline at his waist.

  10. Meanwhile, we had another train ride today — fall colors in something close to full glory. They’re not quite at their peak, but since it’s expected to rain tomorrow, we may have hit the best day. Not only are the colors less vivid in the rain; the rain can make the leaves fall from the trees, and the rain can make the leaves turn dull.

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