Frickin’ Rabbits

There is a legend that if the first words you utter each month are “Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits,” then good fortune will follow you. I’m a skeptic about a lot of that supernormal stuff, but this particular story I believe completely. It’s so obvious on the face of it that I don’t know why it’s considered a myth.

Tonight my faithful computer made a noise. It does that now and again, and different noises mean different things. I did not correctly recognize the noise. “Freakin’ piece of hell,” I said (I’m not so good at cussing), as I brought the screen to life. Oops. New month. I think it’s safe to assume that the next thirty-one days will not be filled with good fortune. Just wait for me on the other end of March.

1 thought on “Frickin’ Rabbits

  1. ‘freak’
    1563, “sudden turn of mind,” related to O.E. ‘frician’ “to dance”

    an example of workmanship, esp. of artistic production

    preposition used to indicate qualities or attributes

    clearly the beginning of “hello, March 2008”, but cut off by the noise your computer was making at the time

    So, obviously, “freakin’ piece of hell” was an affirmation that the month ahead will be a time of joyous creation, a gala of inspiration, a thirty-one day celebration of all that is you.

    The instant the clock strikes midnight here, I know what I’m saying…

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