Generally I ignore the offers from Facebook to help me find my long-lost pals and other perfect strangers. But tonight I succumbed to the temptation to look through folk I might want to meet.

There were some names I recognized, with a significant number of common contacts. Then there were others, who invariably had sexy photos, with no connection to me at all. Yet somehow Facebook thought I might want to be friends with them. Huh. How much did they pay, and how is Facebook not guilty of pandering?

3 thoughts on “Facebootution

  1. And what makes it even better is what happens if you do send a friend request to one of those sexy photo strangers that Facebook itself suggests you might want to be friends with. If they decline and say they don’t know you, YOUR profile is reported. If they accept, but say they don’t know you outside of Facebook, your profile is STILL reported. Classic win-win.

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