Crazy Eyebrow Hair

I was never blessed with much in the eyebrow department; where some people have well-defined and expressive eyebrows that add character to their faces, I just have a faint hint of eyebrowage. It’s one reason that eye surgery has never really appealed to me – my glasses provide some definition on my face that most people get from their eyebrows.

It is possible that my brother took my eyebrow mojo – he certainly has more going on on his forehead than most.

Recently my sweetie and I were cuddling and she started to laugh. “Oh, my God,” she said (or something like that), “you have a crazy eyebrow hair! Go look in the mirror!” I did and she was right; I have one big kinky gray eyebrow hair.

Crazy Eyebrow Hair!

My only notable eyebrow hair.

You can see in the picture that the rest of my eyebrow hairs are nothing to write home about. Sparse, thin, and pale. But behold the majesty of the mighty gray one! Could this be a sign of things to come? As more of the hairs turn gray will they, too, become part of a crazy, kinky, shrubbery that will give me that mad scientist look that makes all the girls swoon?

Man, I sure hope so. That would be cool.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Eyebrow Hair

  1. There has been comedian fodder out of how as men get older the hair on top of their heads moves to their ears and nose.
    I was at a conference once, and right there from central casting was a russian scientist with the KRAZIEST dr. suess eyebrows you ever saw. His wires curled out and over his forehead for a good three inches. At times like that you stop blaming him and instead wonder what in the hell is wrong with his wife.

  2. Have you seen Larry Hagman’s eyebrows lately? They could be mistaken for wings. That may be where you are headed.

    Meanwhile, what I’m dealing with is three spots on my chin that are sprouting that sort of hair. It’s good to have a high-quality pair of tweezers.

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