Coming Clean

Today as I showered it occurred to me that not long ago using four different cleansing products in one shower would have been noteworthy. Now I use shampoo, soap, face cleaner stuff (skin’s been healthier lately as a result), and for the beard I use body shampoo (it rinses out better). Yep, there are many ways to get clean.

Bath Desserts has all sorts of flavors of shower gels! Not to mention soaps and other stuff.

Bath Desserts has all sorts of flavors of shower gels! Not to mention soaps and other stuff.

What was noteworthy was one of the cleansing products I used. I happened to be bathing in the luxuriously-scented Raspberry Sweet Tea shower gel made by my close personal fictitious friend Harlean Carpenter. I have to say that some of her Bath Desserts are really awesome—the scents are unmistakeable, but not overdone to the point where my easily-irritated nose takes offense (I can’t even walk into a Hallmark store). I don’t know how she made the cinnamon roll flavor bath cake so cinnamon-rolly. The Kiwi Fruit slices rock, and you can get herbal tea bags to steep in your bath.

While I’m hardly unbiased, I have to say that these soaps and gels would make fabulous and unique gifts. That’s right: fabulous AND unique. Go check them out!

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  1. Ah, perfect. Pat and I have been hunting for the perfect host/hostess gifts for a couple who have been extremely generous in making their home available to us. I had already figured out what to give the husband — a gift certificate for setting up a home-entertainment center: he buys the components, I plug them in and make them play well together.

    The wife, on the other hand, I was having trouble figuring out something for. But she does enjoy a luxurious bath, so Bath Desserts are a perfect answer. Hallelujah. And the single-use soaps are perfect for the guest bath at Five O’Clock Somewhere as well — much better than little bars lifted from various motels.

    One idea I had: Harlean could put together gift baskets at various price levels that would give a suitable selection of matched products.

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