Breaking the Curse

I’m heading out in a few minutes to watch the Charger game. This week, I just feel like the curse will be broken. I’m not sure why after three years that this will be the week, but there you go.

Edited to add: Just for the record, I ended up not watching the game after all. I did listen to it, however.

4 thoughts on “Breaking the Curse

  1. Well, oddly enough, after posting that, I didn’t watch the game. I did, however, meet a very nice girl who is lamenting not spending more time writing.

  2. If one had to guess, one would conclude you tuned in for the third quarter of yesterday’s game against Denver.

    You could make some money on your amazing ability while still not ruining San Diego’s amazing season: bet against the Chargers, and then watch until the other team covered the spread, but not long enough for the other team to actually beat the Chargers.

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