It’s taken a few days for me to feel this. John Bevins was a friend of mine. I sat on the bar stool next to his, listening to his stories. I went to parties at his house, where he always put on a good spread. He was a nut, and occasionally a right bastard, but he was always a friend. He was the kind of man whose passing the world should mourn.

I don’t really know that many facts about him. Facts, perhaps, are not as important as understanding, but here are the facts I know:

But through a miracle of logistics, he would have died with all his friends when an artillery shell hit his tent, tearing the rest of the occupants to little tiny pieces.

He was a patriots fan.

He liked Amstel lite, from the bottle, in a chilled glass.

He smoked dope.

He loved his son.

When he needed space, you gave him space.

When you needed a good word, he gave you a good word.

He once chased a man half his age down Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach after the guy had hit a girl. Bevins looked out for his own, and he was generous to those who needed his help.

He is gone now, and the world is less for it. I will miss his passion, I will miss his quirks. Most of all, I will miss his friendship. And his boat. John Bevins, here’s to ya. You were a good egg. The rest of us, this weekend, let’s hoist an Amstel from the bottle, in a chilled glass, and henceforth September 2th shall be Bevins Day.

Patriot, drinker, fisherman, friend, he shall be missed.

9 thoughts on “Bevins

  1. Power boat. No sails a-tall. twin diesels (after he got things fixed up), nice aft deck, excellent woodwork, and a hull thick enough to run into things with.

  2. I take it this is the friend about whom you once said, “It’s nice to have a boat. It’s even nicer to have a friend with a boat.”

  3. That’s likely; he practically lived there for a while, before migrating to Tiki and the Tavern.

    The tavern put this in their newsletter last week in his memory.

  4. I walked into Pizza D to meet some friends the night I read this, and they were drinking Amstel Light. Hadn’t met the man, but we drank to him.

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