Be the Google – updated!

I keep telling myself that I’m not going to do this anymore, but I just can’t help it. It’s just strange what people search for, and when those strange searches lead here, well, I have to tell you about it. Sitemeter took a powder the last couple of days- we’ll never know who the true visitor 1000 was – but what it has collected is pure esoteric Web arcana!

  • Google: photo of squirrel passed out with bottle and cigarette – I wonder if he found it. Squirrels seems to avoid the paparazzi pretty well.
  • Google: pics to look at well baked – not sure who is baked
  • Google: national poetry slam ideas for
  • Google: space vehicles and what they do
  • Google: Mad Crazy Death Cults
  • Google: squirrel trainer – you know, if Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds were to happen today, perhaps the only trace of the town would be some fruitless Web search for “bird trainer”.
  • Google: regularization
  • Google: squrrel death – yeah, yeah, we’ve heard all about that before.
  • Google: half baked wallpaper – riiiiight.
  • aol: red hat pary ideas – a most brilliant convergence between the searcher misspelling “party” and me misspelling “part”.
  • Google: mythical energy
  • Google: feminine beer names – I’m hoping we have a new regular from that one
  • Google: amazon women in the avocado jungle of death – you can’t keep a good movie down
  • yahoo(?): “how to cook an egg” over easy – I hope they read it carefully

There were others even less interesting than those. Also, “jerry for president”, “I want to go to the moon”, and things like that, but they have been forever lost in the sitemeter abyss. I left out some squirrel-related search hits, and there was an “elevator ocelot rutabaga” hit but I wasn’t sure if I had already reported it last time. It’s good to know, however, that people are still concerned about classic movies and the important trends shaping our world today.

3 thoughts on “Be the Google – updated!

  1. Keep the google hits. Some of them are wierd.Speaking of google, have you tried “avacodo women in the feminine jungle of beer death” or “How to cook a squirrel death egg”?

  2. Oh, my, the offspring has people doing things for him, and he’s only 14. I didn’t get fully into LAHS Vice until 11th grade. I was the loan shark, Vince was the bookie, John-John was the enforcer …

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