Bannned in China!

According to Great Firewall of China, it is likely that Muddled Ramblings and Half-Baked Ideas (as is blocked in China.

*sniff!* It’s good to be noticed.

But then again, why not? What is Muddled Ramblings, if not a celebration of the freedom of the human spirit, of the deeper meanings of seemingly simple actions, of rebellion and art, individualism and choice? It is a place where there is no thought too radical, no dissertation too convoluted, no idea too stupid to be aired out and discussed in free and open debate.

We here in the Muddleverse exist to challenge the status quo, to look at the myths that built America, then go beyond merely looking at the myths and embrace them with prenostalgic fervor, lamenting the loss of something we never had. We stack rocks to build an altar to the open road, then hold a belching contest while basking in the grandeur. We embrace — no, we demand — the right to be self-contradictory and generally incomprehensible.

What totalitarian government could stand in the face of this? What recourse do they have but to silence this voice of freedom before it reaches the ears of their benighted citizens? People are to freedom as tigers are to human flesh: Once they taste it they can never go back.

It is probably only a matter of time before other governments tremble in fear before this bastion of freedom, this open rebellion against tyrannies of every shape, be they transnational corporations, democracies for sale, or ruthless dictatorships. And you, my friends and faithful readers, were there at the start. I’m sure your names are already on lists somewhere, to be rounded up and exterminated at the first opportunity.

Sorry about that.

9 thoughts on “Bannned in China!

  1. When you use the addy it works. Also, it appears that is banned, making things difficult for chinese spammers.

    Most likely something else on the LiveRack server where and both point (muddledramblings then redirects) is offensive, and China has blocked that ip address.

    Still, it might be me…

  2. Mindless capitaltist imbecile!
    Of course you are banned. The sun is setting on your squirrel hegemony!
    We bask in the glory of future reeducation initiatives for all your brainless followers. Especially that F-G-F cretin. And McSwede. He his a nonperson to us.
    Long live the red! Hai!

  3. Interesting … I’ve been blocked in China, but Pat hasn’t. I guess he counts as “mostly harmless” over there.

    It would be interesting if the Great Firewall folks would provide a logo to put over in the sidebar, so those of us who have been blocked in China can show our pride.

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