Attention White House Staff: There’s a Grownup in Charge Now

Image stolen from cnn article linked below.

The Mooch made history by lasting just over a week in the White House. There are people who theorize that he was hired just to get Reince Priebus to resign, much the way a baseball manager will bring in a relief pitcher to face only one batter. Honestly, I don’t think Trump is engaged enough to come up with anything that clever.

Trump broke his own record this month for playing golf. For Trump, the best outcome for his presidency is impeachment; he has no interest in governing and now his Russia boondoggles are starting to surface. Being president, he has already admitted, is way harder than he thought it would be. As the castle crumbles, he’s working on his putts.

If he’s impeached, he can blame Washington insiders for his failure. He can go home early and rant and rave about how the system was rigged against him. If instead the electorate votes overwhelmingly for “not Trump”, it’s a tougher lie to tell.

But here comes John Kelly. Kelly had hardly finished accepting the job when he burned rubber to Anthony Scaramucci’s office to give him the heave-ho. That was a message to the rest of the staff, and it was a message to you and me. Guys with so little self-control that they make insane, profanity-laced rants about their co-workers (the word “cocaine” whispers across my mind once again) will not be tolerated. Well, one of them will, but no others.

Kelly comes from Homeland Security, which means he hates freedom. Your freedom, my freedom. Homeland Security is designed to curtail freedom. But you know what? He’s better than Trump. He’s a grown-up. (He probably also isn’t pals with one of the greatest enemies of our state.) Also, he’s better than Pence — as far as I know so far. So if Trump hits the links and leaves Kelly in charge, that might actually be a good thing in the short term.

In the long term, the harder Trump falls the longer it will take for the WWE Party to recover. It’s enticing, but this is my country we’re talking about. It would be nice if someone rational were in charge.


3 thoughts on “Attention White House Staff: There’s a Grownup in Charge Now

    • I guess it’s pathological. When I see a savior of our country who only asks that we abandon all our values and everything that makes this country great, I hesitate. It’s on me.

  1. Follow-up:

    This week Trump’s numbers are up (or at least hate of Trump is down), and while most are crediting hurricanes, I think Kelly is a major factor. Embarrassing shit coming out of the White House is significantly down (though not zero). There even seems to be a coherent message now and then.

    Kelly is doing a good job. And while I might disagree with Kelly about many, many things, at least I can respect the man. I could sit down with Kelly over a couple of beers and while we might not move each other, we would hear each other.

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