Arrr! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, maties! I only be havin’ a moment ‘fore I weigh anchor and set sail to rendez-vous with Little John and the rest of his scurvy crew, but it would be ill indeed to let this day pass without a resounding “Arrr!”


4 thoughts on “Arrr! Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  1. Ahaarrr! For some of it it be ‘Talk like a scallywag day,’ and I be tryn’n. Tho you be havin less syllables than me dead parrot.

  2. Aaaarrrh, I be lookin’ fer crew. Scuttlebutt is that a certain baby sister of two o’ th’ reg’lars here is a right sound wench, wot knows ‘er way about a boat. Sure, she may be studyin’ to become sawbones, but when she ain’t studyin’, she could make ‘erself right useful on board Black Magic.

    Scurvy Bob and Icy Bill, I kin guarantee I’d pertect yer lil’ sis agin’ any hobbledehoy wot might make a move on ‘er. Jes’ let me know how to find her.

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