At Last, the Recognition I’ve Sought all these Years

Tonight I was named Top Rambler of the Day by not once, but twice! Wow!

Yep, Top Rambler. Second to none. There are many who aspire to these heights, but out of the millions of blogs out there that do little more than ramble, none compares to this one. Bow down before me, those who would ramble, and learn from the master! I AM TRoD!

For some reason my spam software blocked both notifications of my major awards (from two different places), hiding them from the eyes of the general public — along with a comment that said, “Why’s presently there this kind of fine publish!”

Why’s indeed?


5 thoughts on “At Last, the Recognition I’ve Sought all these Years

  1. I dunno whaz up with wordpress lately (or askimet) but really obviuos spam has been getting thru to one of my posts. I’m sure I shouldn’t complain since it is a one here, two there, and I’m sure there is a hurricane of spam targeting the site. It’s not that spam gets thru, its the obviousness of these few that bugs me. Then again, we can build a computer that does a teraflop but not a robot to fold a towel. It probably doesn’t help that I have the word ‘f**in’ in the title, and I’m just about ready to delete the post alltogether. I’ve had my fill of invitations to look at nubile russian teenagers. What’s the world coming to when an honest man can’t put the F-bomb on the web and get a little respect. Sheeesh.

  2. You know, I get a lot of spam from the domain .cc (whereever that is) and .ca which I think is canada, but I’ve never gotten one from .mu
    Still have fond memoreies of thinking about

    • You made me curious, so I looked it up. cc is Cocos (Keeling) Islands, according to this list.

      It turned out that mu was pretty much impossible for me to register. Things may have changed now, but when I tried the response was something like, “you want to… wait, what?” Which would explain the lack of spam from there.

      Now I’m going to have to look into that again. I’m curious.

      Oo! Business idea! Become the company that handles mu registrations (for a modest fee) by promising better service. Then do something to make the .mu extension as popular as .tv. Step three: profit.

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