A Quick Health Question

Three days a week I work out. It’s about 50-50 aerobic and resistance training, starting with thirty minutes of rowing machine and treadmill, followed by crunches and weights. It feels pretty good to have done it.

After working out we generally spend a few minutes with my sweetie’s folks, then we drive home. I’d estimate it’s at least half an hour between the end of the workout and our arrival home. Each time, on the way up the stairs to our apartment, I get a massive head rush.

Anyone know what’s causing it? Should I worry? When I was younger I had low blood pressure, but last time it was measured my blood pressure was on the high side. I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight, but I think I’m in better shape.

Any insight or wacky theories are welcome. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “A Quick Health Question

    • No, that’s what makes him fall down the stairs. Fortunately, we spotted that pattern pretty quickly.

      Now, I make sure I walk up the stairs in front of him.

  1. I dunno whats causing it _ I only play a Dr on TV_ but try exhaling and holding air out of your lungs as you ascend. A variation would be to exhale then slowly inhale as you go up. And see if that fixes it.
    I kinda feel like:
    age45 = funny
    head rush = funny
    age45 + head rush = not so funny, maybe time to see a Dr.

    Also, be sure to distinguish between light headedness and head rush. LH would be the blood sugar slow to catch up with your expenditure, but HR is more a low blood pressure_and therefore dangerous_sounding thing.

    sidenote: I dunno how this fits in with the MR&HBI dictionary but I am diggin my mistakenly putting underscores for dashes.

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