A Mysterious Message

I was cleaning out the ol’ email in-box, with its buildup of messages accumulated while I was under a rock for a couple of days. There was one message that my email software thought was spam, and the from address certainly seemed spammish. The title was “Multimedia Message”, and the from address appeared to be gibberish. The content of the message was a photograph, nothing more, with no links, which could certainly still be spam.

Then I looked at the picture:

Mystery Photo

(I blocked out the phone number to protect the privacy of the dictionary seller.)

The number looks a lot like a Lost Alamos number (almost all of them start 662-). I expect that someone saw this message and thought it was funny enough to photograph with their phone camera and send to me through their telephone provider. But who? As I edited the picture the phone number itself started feeling eerily familiar, and now I’m wondering if this is a message for me to call that turned out to be a bit more clever than I am.

As an aside, I laughed almost as hard at the “Free Cat” message.

7 thoughts on “A Mysterious Message

  1. Oh, and does anyone know what my cell number is? It’s a Spokane number, but apparently I’m not on the T-mobile network right now so the “dial this code to get your number” feature doesn’t work, nor can I call directly from the phone to add more money to my account while on someone else’s network. Unable to call T-mobile and unable to recharge via the internet without knowing the number, I’m pretty much hosed, telephonically speaking.

    Don’t worry about posting the number here; I’ll only have it until I go back to Prague anyway.

  2. For the past couple of months, all sorts of people have been trying to give me cats — starting even before Tres died. I guess the fuzz on my clothes is a giveaway.

  3. Rumor has it that Jerry might be in New Mexico, the land of green chiles. We have not yet confirmed that possibility, but on Friday will drive north to Laguna Vista, and pass close by his reputed lair en route to the place of Many Big Rocks for Stacking.

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