A Big Day in the Muddleverse

Some time ago, a big-time Web-design site linked to my table of border-radius compliance. There was a huge rush to this humble bastion of the information age, and my host at the time, iPage, shut me down. Couldn’t have me chewing up valuable server time!

Yep, I was suddenly too successful, and at the peak of my ability to fix all the world’s ills they turned me off. I don’t work with iPage anymore, even though they keep spamming me with $1-for-the-first-year offers. No, thanks, jerks.

But how badly was I really hurt? Day before yesterday, the tweetoverse spasmed over the same page. Because I rule my server and rule my fate, all requests were handled gracefully and this humble blog had its biggest day ever. 30 hours later, things are almost back to the original baseline. Had I been cut off, the curve would have been steeper but the end would have been the same.

Will there be new friends as a result of this new onslaught? New pithy or insightful comments to my less-than-focussed observations? A new gizo or nano? I hope so. You guys mean a lot to me.

Traffic to this site over the past month.


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