5000th visitor, and Vegas, Baby!

As soon as I post this and get supplies, I’m on my way to Vegas. There are several reasons I might not be able to post while I’m there, but in the end it boils down to this: Once, long ago, at one of the bacchanals, I lamented that I had no camera. Jesse shrugged and said, “Some people make history, some people record it.” My time in Las Vegas will be about making history. I’ll let the local news channels record it.

Moments ago we had our 5000th visitor to the site! Wow! At this rate of growth I’ll be slightly famous by the year 2012. Look out! I had hoped that V5K would be someone I recognized, but alas the person arrived here on a search for “Hampton Inn Temecula” (or so it seems—when I reloaded their search I didn’t see a link to my blog.)

Sunscreen at the ready, I now head into the desert.

6 thoughts on “5000th visitor, and Vegas, Baby!

  1. Hey Jerry,

    I mentioned to Kris last night that you were leaving SD for the last time.

    She asked if you were moving here.

    Take it as you might.


  2. Somewhere along in here I must comment on the poll. I was informed by someone very wise…(Melissa at PTI) that Father Joe is a thug. He’s almost like Robin Hood now. But he came from the streets and now instead of stealing he convinces people to give him their stuff. While she is not a big fan, she does hold a grudging respect. In her honor, I think the only real answer is to present him with a challenge and let him try to make something of “the bitch”.

  3. Mom, I’m in colorado now. You’ll probably get a phone call before you read this, but I’ll be passing through Northern NM tomorrow morning.

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