Happy SOS Day!

Things are quiet here in Strašnice today, many of my favorite places are closed in observance of the holiday. What an enlightened nation!

Although this just might be a effort to extend Yesterday’s May Day celebrations into a four-day weekend, which is also an enlightened policy. (SOS Day gets its name because “SOS!” is what often comes after “Mayday!”) The Czechs take May Day seriously; around here it’s National Kiss Your Sweetie Under A Cherry Tree Day. More than one couple had told me about “their tree”. The cherry trees have been blooming, and when the wind blows their petals fill the air (where there are enough trees, at least).

That was yesterday; I meant to alert you all to it in time for you to go find some sort of plant to stand under and do some smooching with someone you like. Still, it’s never too late for that. Perhaps we could come up with a related activity for SOS day. Hmm… something that follows kissing under trees, and as a bonus would include some connection to pleas for rescue.

Nothing I’m coming up with would be termed “romantic”, I think.

1 thought on “Happy SOS Day!

  1. With the pollen counts in Albuquerque repeatedly setting records, in crest after crest all spring long, as my sinuses suffer, I would vote against juniper, elm, cottonwood, or mulberry as the sort of plant to smooch under. The mulberry count has been in or near four digits for nearly a month.

    SOS in Albuquerque stands for Save Our Sinuses.

    Right now, I would favor artificial palm or fake ficus.

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