Czech word for the day…

The spelling may not be quite right, I’ve not seen it written down. The word means ‘wallet’, as in: Zapoměl jsem mou penižinku, or in English, “I forgot my wallet.”

Some lessons stick better than others. More context, you might say.


2 thoughts on “Czech word for the day…

  1. gizo! great to hear from you! This word is indeed an easy one to mnemonify.

    I’m pretty sure that the czech word for money, penize (rhymes with the british pronunciation of Ebineezer) and ‘penny’ have a common origin somewhere in Bavaria. penižinka (rhymes with the drunken, slurred pronunciation of “finizh drinka”) translates roughly to “money thingie”. Penižinku (rhymes with “finizh drink, you”) is my best guess at the proper form for the noun in that sentence.

    Luckily I was fairly close to home when this spontaneous language occurred.

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