Zombie infestation at Little Café Near Home!


fuego and Soup Boy plan the first shot.

The other day fuego was poking around online when he discovered a video contest. The contest is sponsored by the company that makes some sort of shower gel, so the videos are to show people who are dirty getting clean again. This particular shower gel advertises heavily in magazines like Maxim, which is essentially Playboy for illiterate wimps. Right away, then, it is safe to assume that the winning videos will have sexy women in them.

fuego and Soup Boy put their heads together and came up with a storyboard. In the story… zombies! I don’t think they even knew it was Zombie Month. Soup Boy scored a fairly high-end camera and rounded up the cast while fuego recruited an accomplished makeup special effects artist and got a production assistant in the bargain. I set to work trying to get permission to use interesting zombie-worthy music.

The first bit of shooting was at a castle an hour’s drive outside of Prague, and it was just the three of us. This weekend it was time to get the shots with the zombie babes. I held the ideal table at the Little Café Near Home while the makeup guy went to work on the actresses. It created quite a stir when the first two arrived at the vanguard of the film crew, staggering in with a shuffling zombie gait. They looked… dead. (A little too dead, I thought. This shot is supposed to be after the miraculous transformation wrought by the shower goo, leaving the girls looking only slightly dead.) The girls came over and greeted me by name, which surprised the other customers, who are used to me just sitting in my corner and working.

The crew invaded and began to set up. fuego echoed my concern about the makeup, but when you get a major guy in the biz working for you voluntarily, you don’t complain too much. I tried to be helpful, which for the most part meant staying out of the way. fuego enjoyed calling out (in Czech), “OK, look dead, people!” After a few takes it was over, and the crew packed and left, off to shoot the dirtier (and more risqué) “before” scenes. Alas, some of the zombie babes were shy, so as a nonessential male I was not invited on set for the lingerie portions of the shoot. Oh, well.

Yesterday I got a message from fuego. Sure enough, the zombie babes need to be cleaner for the “after” shot. Tonight, the Zombie Babes will strike again! Watch out!

11 thoughts on “Zombie infestation at Little Café Near Home!

  1. Uhh..to Keith and/or other members of the bloggcomm in San Diego,
    I hope all is well!
    Wildfires making headline news and it looks like the whole town is burning down.
    Give us a report if you can.

  2. I haven’t spoken to Mark and Julie (and the owl that lives in their tree) for a long time, but they are certainly in harm’s way. Please appeal to any mystical force you think might listen on their behalf. They’re good folks.

  3. Okay, my beer making brother in Scripps was evacuated an hour or so ago. Supervisor may have had her house burn to ground she’s at her brother’s in Southern SD. I am choking on edge of burn zone as Jerry can attest. The mandatory evac zone is about 2 miles east from me. Tomorrow will the real test. Rancho Santa Fe began burning a few minutes ago and that is NOT good.

  4. The news reports I saw said that the Chargers were relocating to Arizona for their practices, and they might play next Sunday’s game in Arizona — the Cardinals have a bye week.

    According to the news reports, some of the players had to evacuate their homes, and at least one team member’s home might have been destroyed.

    Sheesh. First, there were homes falling into the canyon, and now there are wildfires. I’m not sure whether I dare ask what’s next.

  5. Got evacuated last night. At cousins in Ocean Beach. Older brother being evacuated with 2 dogs! Younger brother still can’t go back to his home.

    Not fun. But safe for now. Thanks!

  6. Judging by the maps, Keith and Triska were also in the mandatory evacuation area. Other friends’ houses are within the areas already burned.

  7. I’m reminded of the Cerro Grande fire. “Home is the place where, when you go there, they have to take you in.” The folks knocked on the door at 3 a.m. I was awake. But I’d left the door unlocked in case I wasn’t.

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