z-dawg’s 13th Monthiversary

Z-Dawg gets his paws on the cake

Z-Dawg gets his paws on the cake

Bar 301 on the tour turns out to be one in the riverside village of Mlčechvosty, in a building fuego and Marianna happen to own. The occasion was Lumír’s (rhymes with z-dawg’s) first birthday, but the party was a bit late for logistical reasons. The photos over at the gallery are a combination of looking around fuego’s place and photos that can be trotted out when the kid brings home a date and requires public humiliation.

Happy 13th, dude!

5 thoughts on “z-dawg’s 13th Monthiversary

  1. Man that is an adorable kid.
    But you can’t drop little bombs like, “They own a building” without explanation.

  2. Actually, I’m more the Gambrinus guy. If we start to run the bar (now it is being run by others and serving Gambrinus) we would probably have Bernard…until the brewery is up and running that is. At that point we would have a Fuego Pils and what ever the brew-master makes up that month…

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