Sailor Jerry Rum

Recently I was at a bar and I noticed a bottle on the shelf labeled “Sailor Jerry Rum.” I was intrigued, but it was not a rum-drinking time. It wasn’t a rum-drinking time yesterday at Press Café either, but fuego was there and I mentioned that I should have some before I left. Turns out Sailor Jerry is also found in the United States, but fuego decided that I may as well check off that to-do item anyway. We ordered a pair of small shots.

I’m not a rum drinker, but this stuff didn’t seem very good at all. Sweet. fuego dubbed it “girl rum,” though it was certainly not as bad as Captain Morgan. A pity, with such a noble and tasteful name, that the product didn’t live up to expectations.


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  1. Not only is Sailor Jerry found in the US, it’s made in NJ. On the other hand, 92 proof and relatively cheap … like they’re throwing in 6% alcohol for nothing, and giving you a rebate. Don’t be ungrateful.

    Perhaps I will only comment on booze threads in the future.

    Know you this?

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