Sailor Jerry Rum

Recently I was at a bar and I noticed a bottle on the shelf labeled “Sailor Jerry Rum.” I was intrigued, but it was not a rum-drinking time. It wasn’t a rum-drinking time yesterday at Press Café either, but fuego was there and I mentioned that I should have some before I left. Turns out Sailor Jerry is also found in the United States, but fuego decided that I may as well check off that to-do item anyway. We ordered a pair of small shots.

I’m not a rum drinker, but this stuff didn’t seem very good at all. Sweet. fuego dubbed it “girl rum,” though it was certainly not as bad as Captain Morgan. A pity, with such a noble and tasteful name, that the product didn’t live up to expectations.


One thought on “Sailor Jerry Rum

  1. Not only is Sailor Jerry found in the US, it’s made in NJ. On the other hand, 92 proof and relatively cheap … like they’re throwing in 6% alcohol for nothing, and giving you a rebate. Don’t be ungrateful.

    Perhaps I will only comment on booze threads in the future.

    Know you this?

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