Official Bar List

And here it is. The ‘w’ indicates that I did some writing there. The definition of ‘bar’ can be a tricky one; in this case it is a place that I spent time drinking alcoholic beverages not accompanied by a meal. (If I ate, then lingered and drank, that counts as a bar.)


  1. roma – w
  2. crazy daisy- w
  3. cheap beer place – w
  4. budvar bar near home – w
  5. edmund cafe – w
  6. Darrel’s bar (Stop-X) – w
  7. Husa – w
  8. Sonora – w
  9. pivovarsky dum – w
  10. park bar with glasses (over bunkr) – w
  11. bohemia bagel – w
  12. LCNH – w
  13. The bar that starts with a Z with the nice patio – w
  14. shakespeare and co – w
  15. sports bar in andel mall – w
  16. calypso in andel – w
  17. Pastička (Mousetrap) – w
  18. Pub 12, slovakia – w
  19. Bowle & Bowling – w
  20. Smoky Staropramen bar near Checkomoravska – w
  21. Propeller bar (wings) – w
  22. Moat Hotel bar – w
  23. ABQ Airport bar – w
  24. Ribs (Tractor Bar) – w
  25. Quarters BBQ, Albuquerque – w
  26. Penn Station – w
  27. Wild Horese Mesa bar – w
  28. Sheraton Old town bar – w
  29. Trinity Brewing Company – w
  30. Canyon Bar and Grill – w
  31. Central Ave. Grill – w
  32. Green Onion Santa Fe – w
  33. OB Grille – w
  34. De Brug – w
  35. U Sadu – w
  36. Hanka’s Herna – w
  37. Little Anita’s Albuquerque – w
  38. Neto’s passtime bar, Gila Bend – w
  39. Lucy’s, OB – w
  40. Ned’s Alb- w
  41. Callahan’s – w
  42. The Lodge, Minn. Airport – w
  43. bila vrana – w
  44. depot – w
  45. Kozel Pub across from glossy sports herna Stra

9 thoughts on “Official Bar List

  1. Is this a list of the bars visited since you moved to Prague? Because if you also want to include the road trip bars, I need to add several in San Angelo from when you visited my there. And on that note, I still want to invite you to visit me in AK. I’ll be in NM over christmas, so if you are there, I’ll try to call you.

  2. After I got here it was a while before I started keeping the list; there are likely quite a few I missed. I considered trying to list all the bars on the Homeless Tour, but realized that would be pretty much impossible.

    Won’t be over there for Christmas, but I’d still like to visit you in Alaska. Hope you’re still there when I manage it.

  3. It seems that Jer has listed New Mexico bars as being in the US.

    Did we linger long enough in the patio behind the inn in Prague for it to count as bar-like?

  4. I think the inn in prague is in the list. I was surprised to discover that High Country was not on the list, but the only documented visits I have were before the tour officially started.

  5. You have on your list the Water Wheel Saloon in Columbia, California. I’m curious who your bartender was and when you visited, as I was the main bartender there for the past few years. Strange how small the interwebs make the world, no? :)

  6. Kat, I don’t know if you were the bartender, but it’s certainly possible. I have a friend who lives in the area and one cold rainy night a couple of years ago we dropped in. There was a band playing in the band-playing-room, doing Skynyrd covers and the like if memory serves. (In my case, memory rarely serves.) The bartender was quite annoyed at the anti-smoking laws. It was the sort of night one would rather not go outside to burn one. I bet that was you. I enjoyed my evening, more thanks to you than to the band. Nice to talk to you again!

  7. That sounds about right.. :D
    Yessir! I have a severe hatred for such covers as Mustang Sally, Brown Eyed Girl and just about anything Skynyrd because of those rainy nights at the bar.

    Well, I thank you kindly for the compliment, it is truly my pleasure to have made it memorable, albeit for mostly the wrong reasons ;)
    I’m relocating to Portland, Oregon soon, if I end up in a decent bar there, I’ll be sure and let you know, perhaps to add another to your list.

    Peace and safe travels!

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