Note to self

A crowded nightclub at 4am after a few hours of beers is neither the place nor the time to be stacking things.


3 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. Is there a picture of that-which-should-not-have-been-stacked you can add to the gallery?

    Speaking of run-on-hyphenations, we haven’t heard about she-who-smiles-rarely in a while (since before the Pirates gig?). Is there any update? Do the smiles per day, while still rare, go up in the summer?

  2. No photos. There were a couple of pretty good stacks — one involved a beer bottle (inverted), another beer bottle, a candle, another beer bottle, an ash tray and peanut dish.

    While the endeavor didn’t end in tragedy, it did end in spillage.

    I haven’t seen she who smiles rarely in quite a while. I don’t go to Crazy Daisy very often anymore.

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