Lazy day in Vejer

Street in vejer It’s an indication of just how good my life is that I can sit in a congenial tapas bar in a beautiful village in southern Spain (map), nibble good food, nurse beers out over a long stretch, watch the old men goof around, and call it work. I’m taking a brief break from writing, but I’ll be getting back to it in just a moment, after I decide what to nibble next. Electricity may be the limiting factor on my work day; I came out without a full charge, and outlets are few and far between. Still, I’ll nurse things along as far as I can, and I can always resort to writing things by hand. Crazy, I know, but if the cavemen could write on paper, so can I.

One thing I’ve noticed — in these little places, empty chairs at the tables along the wall are turned out into the room, rather than facing the table. It’s a subtle thing, and I doubt people here give it much thought at all, but the message is clear to me: even at the edges, you are encouraged to face into the room and be a part of all that is going on.

I hope, wherever you are, that your day is going as well as mine.

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  1. Just so you know — I´m at an Internet access business right now, but I´m looking for a place I can hook up the laptop and post a couple more episodes.

  2. Jer,
    No hurry on the MOH corner. Do the important stuff (update regular episodes, post another Eels, drink beer, change poll (a quick fix would be just to change the word Spring to Summer), drink more beer, enjoy Spain) first. No one really cares to see a picture of this administration any way.

  3. Hi Jer,

    I, too, would put Eels, elephants and beer (not necessarily in that order) ahead of updating the MOH corner. I just thought you’d appreciate the reminder. Not only that, but I’ve decided on nagging as a central element of my tenure this time.

  4. Personality
    Expressed as type of beer
    Keith is a bitter

    Jesse with his lime
    and mexican cerveza
    vienna lager

    John with his trumpet,
    trombone and vintage auto
    always is a stout

    As for the current
    MOH yours truly I
    feel like a porter


  5. I had a particularly Alaskan adventure this weekend. I bought a kayak 2 weeks ago. I tried it out first on some small lakes in Anchorage and Eagle River to make sure I could do it without sinking myself. On Sunday, I tried something more adventurous. I drove down to Portage Lake. There was still a lot of lake ice and I almost got stuck in the ice Trying to get from the put in spot to the more ice free portions of the lake. It seemed like the perfect Alaska experience. The air temperature was comfortable, but there was still lots of snow and ice on the mountains and in the lake. It was really beautiful. The round trip to the Portage glacier took a little over 4 hours. I wasn’t able to get all the way to the glacier because there was too much lake ice, but I was able to get close enough to see the whole thing. If people come up to visit me, this is definitely a trip I will take them on.

  6. Unless a 6-year-old Chevy Metro qualifies as “vintage,” I may be at risk of losing my (figurative) stoutness.

    (Hmmm. Actually, my figurative stoutness is coming along nicely…)

    But of course time = space, and the Metro has piled up 117,000 miles over the last 6 years. What’s the space/time conversion factor?

  7. I notice the two most recent egg friars are Roxi and Sharlene. I wonder if you can work on over-easy eggs as a way to attract women.

  8. Ah Jer, on the day of this episode, I too was having an excellent day. Eighteen holes of golf while getting paid to do so. Yes, government contracting has it’s perks.

  9. Hi Bill,

    That sounds like fun. I’m sure Katie would be jealous.

    What do you mean by “particularly Alaskan”? Why if I had a quarter for every time I heard the haiku
    “I couldn’t kayak
    to the glacier because the
    lake ice was too thick”
    while I was living in San Diego … oh, nevermind.

  10. While I occasionally can find internet access, only once have I been able to connect with my own machine. That means I can´t update the site in any way but to leave comments. So it goes. I do have a couple of episodes on deck that I like, and tonight I will be writing “Rock-Stacking in Menorca”.

  11. I must disagree
    I don’t think Keith is bitter
    Rather just “skunky”

    Keith and Bob Oy Vey!
    Like a couple old fish wives
    Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch

  12. Suds come and suds go,
    washed into oblivion,
    drunk down to the dregs.

    The Brown-Eyed Molly
    at Socorro Springs Brewpub
    is quite the fine brew.

    So sad it is gone —
    out of rotation for now —
    but it will return.

    In the meantime, I’ve decided the Hoover at the cabin is broken. I wish it sucked but it’s too bad it doesn’t suck. Oh well.

    The rock stacks here need quite a bit of maintenance. Wonder where we’d find a qualified rock-stacker on this side of the pond?

    Carol Anne is mobilizing her yacht. I must prepare for the arrival of Black Magic, Batwoman, Tadpole, the Babe, and Seymour and his family, including the Hunter child and Boxer.

  13. Eggcellent response.

    World, move ova!
    Hard-boiled repartee
    Has reached an apogee
    Not to be poached.

    I hope this scrambled comment finds you getting fried.

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