Karlovy Vary film Festival, Day 9

We watched just one movie on the final day, a Japanese flick with some nice twists and turns, and some really interesting characters that you mostly hate but have to grudgingly identify with. fuego’s putting a list together of all the movies we saw; I’ll probably violate his copyright and put it up here as well.

Then it was time for lunch. Conversation was sparing; we were both tired and we’d just spent eight days together. One thing we both thought, though, was it was time to get some of our work into the festival. Or some festival. Or something.

It’s tricky, though. Making even a short film requires a bunch of talented people, and equipment, and facilities. I’m surrounded by film people, all of whom have their side projects, but I’ve never seen any of them finish one. So the trick would seem to be coming up with a project that required little or no cash (raising money puts a huge unknown in the schedule, and no one will commit to the project until the money is there), was interesting to the right people, and then finding a block of time when they all can commit as if it was a paying job.

When I got home last night I knocked out a screenplay for Hell-Cricket, which fuego is going over now, but it almost certainly breaks the zero-budget rule. Which means that we can only take the project to a certain point before we reach the money-raising stage, where it would be very easy for the project to stall. I have no idea how much money we’re talking about, and won’t until more work is done, so it may not be too bad. We’ll see. While we push forward with Hell-Cricket, I’m still mulling what we could make that requires only getting six or so people to commit a week of their lives to it. I’ll keep you posted.

7 thoughts on “Karlovy Vary film Festival, Day 9

  1. Let’s see for no pay and nothin but cameraderie…you’re gonna need:

    1) armorer, unless he/she is UK then it’s armourer. Practiced in shotguns, and blowing holes in laundry equipment.

    /aside to discuss the Muddled dictionary…I originally spelled laundry as laundrey. It didn’t look right. I think a laundrey is where you lave your lamprey eel. I also misspelled shotgun as shatgun, and…oH…the possibilities with that one! “I ate a fricassied zombie squirrel yesterday and today I’m all shatgun!”

    2) a cricket wrangler! Now there’s a resume padder.
    ‘Allo, mate, the name is Chip Chirp, and I’m your cricket wrangler. Just set up in the corner you say? Under the lint and old magazines? Righto.”

  2. It strikes me that Hell Cricket would make one hell of a Twilight Zone episode.

    Or maybe something for the Duke City Shoot Out.

    Oh, yeah, you’ve already done that.

  3. And currently there’s one behind the refrigerator that’s got me tempted to bring out the heavy artillery.

  4. Jesse, just so you know, the guy who blows the hole in the washer is different than the guy who handles the shotgun. Unless you shoot it as Jerry wants where you just use a real shot gun…

    As for a “shatgun,”
    just have a little coffee
    wear eye protection

  5. Different!
    What, is that union rules?
    well, anyway…
    3) Laundry hole blower in official.
    aka. white goods masticater. Major appliance appendectimator. Durable goods chaotic perferator.

    Howz the czech market in fully funcioning shotguns, these days? Best way to git a crazed czech varmint of the squirrel variety.

  6. The triangle has three points.
    1 Money
    2 Skills
    3 Time

    good luck getting 2 of those fuckers.
    Usually all you get is number 3.
    and you know what that means…

  7. Fortunately, I know a few people with skills who want to use them for things besides work. I just have to Tom Sawyer them. Money, forget it.

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