Just another day.

It has rained hard off an on the last couple of days as thunderstorms wander around the city. The rain is welcome; the whole city was starting to smell like dog poop.

It seems to be a special night here at the bowling alley. As I wait for my pizza and try to get my head into some sort of creative place I’m watching what must be the Awkward Bowlers Who Look Like They’re Going To Fall Down But Somehow Knock a Lot of Pins Over League. It’s one of your more entertaining leagues.

Although, as I watch a bit more, I think I might have been closer to the truth than I realized. The more I watch the more I get the feeling that there are teams of awkward bowlers competing against each other. Some of the most awkward of all even brought their own bowling balls. One of those is one of the few skinny guys down there; his style is to run at the line as fast as he can and let go of the ball. His partner is a big, fat guy who has to release the ball well behind the line because he needs a few more steps to bring himself to a stop. Then there’s the guy who uses the pendulum method, but his release point sends the ball well down the alley before it even lands.

Holy crap! One team has a secret handshake!

When ESPN launched and they were desperate for programming, this is the kind of stuff they would show. Who is there now to broadcast Czech Awkward Bowling League? Makes me wish I had a video camera.

For all that, however, while it’s surprising to me that no one has gotten hurt, these guys are knocking pins over, picking up spares, and all that.

It has to be a league. Some of them aren’t even drinking beer. You call that bowling?

3 thoughts on “Just another day.

  1. Suicide Squirrel Watch: Not that *I* would ever go in there, but, well, some guy told me there’s a new line of cards at Hallmark that seem to feature squirrels. They’re supposed to be edgy (sample captions: “Have you accepted cheeses in your life?” and “I’ll fight in the War on Poverty, and I’ll fight in the War on Terror, but if there’s ever a War on Beer, I’ll surrender.”

  2. And Keith, your ‘friend’ aka ‘some guy’ told you exactly what they said?

    Hmmmmmm….anyone else finding that hard to swallow?

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