Just About Ready to Roll

Tomorrow evening my travels begin. The to-do list was extraordinarily long this time around, and when I get on the plane to London tomorrow evening I think there will still be things un-done. It didn’t help that I picked up a couple of small jobs to earn a little cash, and of course the one that paid the least turns out to be a time-sucking monster. (It’s an interesting time-sucking monster, however.) Still, I said I would do it so I will. It’s not done yet but the client knows that I will finish it when I can.

But all the important things are checked off now (except two, which I will be heading out to do in a few minutes). Tomorrow night I arrive in London; after two nights there I hop a plane for California. Then I have some freedom for a while, but somewhere in there I have to do a bucketload of reading and critiquing the writing of the other workshop participants.

I’ve been a bit of a stress monkey the last few days, especially over the paying gigs, but there comes a time when there’s just nothing left to be done about it anymore except take a deep breath, relax, and get on the plane.

4 thoughts on “Just About Ready to Roll

  1. Don’t forget your towel and peanuts! I think you have to pay for the peanuts these days, so it’s best to bring your own.

  2. we are happy warm creatures of warmth and happiness. lamentable that our name should be used in this context.


  3. We don’t see enough of you as it is and now you’re jumping back across the Pond!

    You’ll be in my thoughts at the Letna Park beer garden, dude. Will you be back here in time for Soupboy’s birthday bash?

    St’astnou Cestu, Jerry!

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