How do you say jetlag in czech?

Location: pL and Marianna’s house, Prague, Czech Republic

Not much to report yet, except that I am here. Saturday I climbed into a large metal cylinder, sat for a few hours, changed to a smaller cylinder, sat for a couple more hours, and now everyone is talking funny and the sun comes up way too early. I broke my own jetlag rule and allowed myself to sleep in this morning. Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow morning to get on schedule. Today’s only plan is to get some writing done; tomorrow I’ll go out on a technology procurement expedition, so that I can actually post this episode.

Umm… That’s all for now, I guess.

3 thoughts on “How do you say jetlag in czech?

  1. “Now with more uses than ever!…Gambrinus! For Jetlag.”

    (These comments have not been evaluated by the FDA. For entertainment purposes only, no guarantee or promise is made to support any medicinal claim. Stop using and consult your physician if taking an MHOA inhibiter, uncontrolable laughing occurs, or you experience rectal bleeding. Stop using and consult a physicist if gravity stops working. Do not operate heavy machinery while using this jetlag cure. Consult a Czech if you begin to notice the similarity between Ahoj and Aloha)

  2. Ahoj and cau (ahoy and ciao) seem to be used completely interchangeably for both greetings and partings, so there is some similarity to Aloha.

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