Britannia Arms, Aptos, California

I’m back in America. Yep, there’s no denying it. It’s good to be here. I like Czech Beer, don’t get me wrong, but man I miss the good ol’ American overhopped Pale Ales. if something’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing, that’s the American way.

Right now, however, I’m sitting in a British-like pub, and I just finished off the best steak and kidney pie I’ve had in several years. That’s not saying much, as it’s the only steak and kidney pie I’ve had in several years, but that doesn’t change the fact that is was quite good grub. Flaky pastry, rich gravy, good steak and good kidney. Served with peas, of course.

On the TV to the right of the bar is non-stop coverage of football (rhymes with soccer) from around the world. It looks like Pakistan lost big this week. On the TV to the left of the bar is NASCAR. Neither of those is terribly distracting to me. What is intruding on my fragile concentration is the conversation at the table next to mine. There was a time when I was immune to this sort of thing, but spending most of my time in places where I can’t understand the conversation anyway has diminished my ability to tune out the world around me. It’s still a novelty that I can understand what people are saying.

Still, I’d best get the nose to the grindstone. J. K. Rowling is a billionaire, now. I’ve gotta keep up.

6 thoughts on “Britannia Arms, Aptos, California

  1. How is this possible?

    You come to Aptos, which is about 15 minutes away from my house, on a weekend when I was out of town?!?!?

    Are you still around?

  2. I am! And I just learned that soon I will be reunited with my automobile. I will then be calling on friends and relatives before sliding on out again. My memory is foggy, but do you live in Scotts Valley? That’s where I’m staying.

  3. You got some cousins in Capitola as well as an Aunt. Popular place it seems. Have you made it to Rosa’s Rotisseria yet? Hmmm…Salmon Burritos…mango salsa…hmm…

  4. I have been in contact with various family members. After today I will be much more mobile, and hope to see some of them. My delays make Bozeman less likely, however.

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