Bar 149 is a good one

I wasn’t in the mood to experiment today. I spent the last two days coding and I just wanted to sit in a cool, familiar place, and get some work done. U Kormidla is just the ticket for that. It is a quiet place, not smoky, and cool on a hot summer day. I pointed my feet down the hill, already planning what I would order. Alas, on the door was a sign with the new hours — hours which did not include the one I was standing in. U Slamu was right next door, but was hot and smoky. There were a couple other places open, but they didn’t serve food. I was thwarted. Lost, adrift, I wandered the neighborhood, looking for the right place to sit and work.

It’s just too damn bright outside to work today, even in the shade my screen just can’t compete. I did a big loop of the neighborhood to no avail, so I decided to head for another neighborhood.

To be honest, I’m not sure what it was that stopped me from getting on the metro. I went down into the station, the train came and left and I didn’t get on. I resurfaced and decided to walk through the park across from the metro station, venturing into unexplored territory. I wandered the paths, my quest temporarily on hold as I surveyed the local scuptures — rocks standing on end. There was nothing handy to balance on them, which was a pity. At the far corner was a small hill, I stood there for a bit, and as I was turning to go back the way I had come I spied a Staropramen banner half a block farther on. What the heck.

Right next to the Staropramen bar is the one in which I now sit. It is right nice. The Guinness sign caught my eye first, then the food specials posted outside. Even so, I almost didn’t come in. Finally I gave myself a little push and in I came.

If U Kormidla (The Helm) has a nautical theme, this place turns it up to 11. Everything is dark wood, and a cieling fan turns lazily, casting shadows in the low light. There is an impressive aquarium embedded in the wall behind my head, and a hodgepodge of kitch in a generally nautical theme. Out of place but welcome is the large electric fan by the door. The only other patron in this room just spent a moment dancing in front of it.

The waitress/bartender is pretty, with an easy smile, and she brings me beer and food. It’s the perfect relationship (although even as I typed that she said “Ahoj” (rhymes with Ahoy) and left). Still, if any place can pull my brain from the land of logic and into the vast uncharted waters of creativity, this is it.

12 thoughts on “Bar 149 is a good one

  1. So far, our sailing has been fun,here is a photo taken from the llake showiinng wheeree our condo for the week is located. Wwe wiill be saiiliing iin the Diilllon open neext weeekend.

  2. Pinewood studios, outside of London, U.K., caught fire and burned massively over the weekend. The new James Bond film, Casino Royale, had reportedly just wrapped up filming and they were in the process of moving set pieces out. Witnesses reported seeing a short-haired man running from the scene with a reel of film and muttering in broken Czech, “The bastards were gonna cut me! Can you believe it? The greatest statue gazing in movie history and they were gonna throw it all away! Ahoj!”
    It was reported the unknown arsonist got his gender and declension wrong. Interpol has sealed the ports and airports.

  3. Gerald,
    We whipped past Dillon Lake heading west on I70 on July 13th; were you there then? Although we didn’t stop at Dillon Lake (or the Eisenhower Tunnel, or Vail), we did spend the night at Glenwood Springs and hiked Glenwood Canyon the next day. Glenwood Canyon was quite spectacular, and we enjoyed it very much, although the Colorado River through there is more accustomed to rafts than sail boats. Pics at (see “Friday: Glenwood Canyon”). Enjoyed your pics, although we obviously have different ideas on how many pictures of our Colorado vacation are enough. HAKAS.

  4. Glenwood Springs is the nearest place to Dillon that has a “Fabric Shop” listed in the Yellow Pages. Fortunately, the Wal-Mart in Frisco was able to meet our needs (sort of). I probably now have the only Etchells in the world with a “rubber soul” sort of sail number.

  5. You did write down two familiar words… Casting and Shadows… even one by another… and you didn’t make a link for Shadows of Stars? Oh, man…

  6. If cannot help anyone & I’ll know how up to that… I’ll get it…
    Do you have a while to give me a lesson this weekend?

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