A day well wasted.

It started off as an ordinary enough day. I woke up at a usual time (not as early as it used to be), and got over my general business stuff (comics, email, bug reports for Jer’s Novel Writer), and still had time to catch the American breakfast down the hill at Café Fuzzy. I made myself comfortable and the cute little red-haired girl smiled at me. “Čaj?” she asked.


That’s how far I got relating the events of the day before everything accelerated. What followed was music without soul and men without honor. Plus beer. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A day well wasted.

  1. But what we want to know is…was the cute red-haired girl without inhabitions? And the beer: we always want to know about the beer.

  2. What? No mention of your knock em dead performance at the casting? Or were you waiting for television sets across Ameika to tell your tail?

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