NaNoWriMo Plan-O: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I read a bit on a site by a software engineer/writer who had a system that really made sense to me, called the snowflake process. I have started to use it to plan my November novel and it has already paid great dividends. It has forced me to pay attention to the parts of the story I had been glossing over in my mind, and I was surprised at how easily ideas came once I forced myself to address them. There was a big hole in the middle of the narrative, and now I know (in a very general way, to be sure) how I’m going to fill it.


Better Get Hoppin’

before someone aces me out. I saw another plan for a moon hotel, designed (like all of them) to look cool FROM THE OUTSIDE. Aye, yi, yi. So far no one seems to be considering making the place the best experience possible for the guests.

I’ll try to put together a description of my plan and put a link to it here. Multi-billionaires looking for and investment may contact me directly.

By the way, the astro-jump concession has already been spoken for.