People Who In Sorrow Roam

“You ever been to the British Museum?” he asked me.

“Couple of times.” I like museums.

“There’s a tablet there. Babylonian; before the Bible. Bunch of cats exiled or something. The were called Amankandu. ‘People who in sorrow roam’. Their leader was named Ka’in.”

It made sense. Kicked out of the garden, wandering. “Banned be thou from the soil which has received thy brother’s blood,” I said.

“They’re still out there, the Amankandu. Still wandering. And when they meet, they know one another.” He raised his glass to me.

6 thoughts on “People Who In Sorrow Roam

  1. This story sounds pretty cool for a start – kind of DaVinci Code-like.

    pL – I don’t think that it’s the Gods that are with you… Who could it be? Perhaps….. Satan?

  2. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, Anon, I must point out that if I don’t know who you are I can’t send you the manuscript.

    Oh, yeah, and it’s not done. Not even close.

  3. Great beginning. You drew me in enough to curse you for ending right there.

    Hey, I like the new Preview feature. Now all it needs is a spell check.

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