I think, as the death toll crosses a politically-minimized 150,000, that we have to accept that the horror we felt when we watched the towers fall was about the buildings, not the people.

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  1. Numb and Number!

    Read that any way you like: numb to rhyme with dumb or number to rhyme both with dumber and… number counts: horrific death tolls that now splash off our minds like cow piss off a flat rock. Yeh, a big mess with no end. The effect of so much incredible, meaning _not credible,_ horrific news cascades down on us, we’re like that flat rock. We don’t just get worn down. We become insensate; we shut down. Numb and dumb like that rock. Dumb as in struck dumb, silent, wordless, paralyzed.

    Can anyone imagine 1,000 deaths a day? An American dying every 80 seconds, the statistics say? What macabre soul sits with a calculator and punches in death numbers to divide by hours, minutes, and seconds?

    But it’s a fact. Not a Republican “alternative fact,” but one of those hard statistical facts that makes a person a “liberal” for believing in facts despite not wanting to.

    > Trump continues to bray, “It will go away!”

    How, Donald? Just how is a highly infectious disease that has exponentially spread across the entire nation and now affects millions of us going to just… go away? Explain that!

    But no, Trump explains nothing. Because he understands nothing. He’s expecting high praise because _millions_ of us will not have sickened and died before the November election. We’ve lost less than two hundred thousand Americans instead of two million. Great job, Donald!

    > “It is what it is!” he said this week.

    Yes, Donald, it is what it is. And future historians will give you credit for it. _All of it._


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