Suicide Squirrel Widget

Red alert! Red Alert! Panic!

Red alert! Red Alert! Panic!

You’ve read about it in the papers, seen it on TV. The Suicide Squirrel Death Cult. That is why several years ago I made a primitive JavaScript-based lump of code that people could stick in their primitive blogs to keep the world safe.

Then all the cool kids starting using WordPress and eventually I joined them. I have decided to modernize the Alert Advisory, turning it into a widget so all can share and spread the word.

Are you part of the solution, or part of the problem?

  • Download the widget from the WordPress repository, or you can have your blog automatically install it.
  • Install the widget and include your own smart-assery
  • Carefully review the actions to take at every alert level. Did I miss something? Leave a comment!
  • Pat yourself on the back and have another beer!

Support The Alert Broadcast System

Alert level green! All is well!

Alert level green! All is well!

You really don’t have to. It’s not like there’s anything particularly groundbreaking here. But remember: every buck you slide my way delays for another few minutes the time I have to go out and get a real job. Think about the other things I might accomplish in that few minutes! A cure for cancer? World Peace? Who doesn’t want that?

In fact, if I do accomplish World Peace before I have to get a job, I’ll dedicate one Day of Peace to each person who donates here. Imagine it: “This day of peace and happiness around the world is dedicated to [your name here].” That would be super-sweet, wouldn’t it?

Realistically, though, I’ll probably just buy beer and think of something else to send flying across the screen.

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