3 thoughts on “Fantasy Novelist’s Exam Scoreboard

  1. I think when you first put this up I complimented your map background, and then my comment disappeared for some reason.
    I’m not too proud to admit I am a fan of Sword of Shannara. On the Fantasy Novelist’s Exam scoreboard, I think it scores a 100 out of 75. On the blatant plagiarism of LOTR it scores a “why hasn’t it been sued yet?” Maybe like the romance novel fans, or the chivalry fans of yester-century there is a formula we love and why fix what ain’t broke. Of course LOTR is my all time fave, and Shanarra is only mind-candy.
    I’m also not too proud to admit I am streaming Legend of the Seeker TV show. For funsies I tried to score it on the Exam but lost track at around 20 or 25ish. But hey, it’s fun in a Rick Santorum anti-intellectual way, and the girl protagonist is HOT. You don’t get that in novels (except maybe on the cover).

    • Oh, and thanks! The map is (supposedly) still a work in progress, to put in Quest for the Important Thing to Defeat the Evil Guy. Some of the silly details are lost when it’s used as a background like this (the map is actually quite wide), and there are many more silly details to add.

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