Every once in a while I go way off the deep end and dig way into some technical topic. In a couple of cases, you could even call the result “authoritative”. I’ve put them here in order of approximate usefulness and popularity.

Table of CSS3 border-radius Compliance is a fairly detailed look at all the different ways various browsers get things wrong. It also shows what they do right, which makes this a handy day-to-day reference as well.

Step-by-Step LAMP server with MacPorts is a comprehensive guide to setting up a Web server on a Mac. It not only tells you what to do, but why.

Eggs Over-Easy breaks down how to make yourself a yummy breakfast.

MacGPG Step-by-Step is a little out of date, but is still mostly valid. I intend to render it more obsolete real soon (yeah, right) with a detailed look at s/MIME originally promised in Building the Web of Trust – First Step.

Colors in CSS3 is a simpler table that shows how to use alpha (opacity) and the HSL color model, and gives a few examples.

The geeky stuff behind the blog. This is pretty darn out of date, but still includes a couple of interesting nuggets. Mush less how-to than the other posts.

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