All the Guest Poems

Here are all he poems submitted by you, the denizens of the Muddleverse (with a couple of my own snuck in). It does not include poems that are too tall to fit in the header, unfortunately. Those are still languishing back in the legacy comment system, more or less lost. So it goes. If you remember writing a poem that’s not here, I’d love to hear about it. With a couple of key words I can probably dig it up.

The poems here are in the order they were added to the database, not necessarily the order they were written. I’m thinking of randomizing them instead. Or! Maybe I can allow people to vote for poems they particularly like, and have those rise to the top. I’ll look into that, but it sounds like a lot of work.


7 thoughts on “All the Guest Poems

  1. As a training exercise I’m going to look into coding up a poem submission form, but for now if you put a poem in any comment anywhere, expect to find it on this page eventually.

  2. The haiku are now sorted by date. The only problem: I don’t know the right dates for most of them. I did find three more poems in old comments as I was tagging old episodes, however.

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