Gimp my picture

Are you muddled?

7 thoughts on “Gimp my picture

  1. So Captain Kirk like thing pops up, now. In addition to the duck? What’s that all about. Since I read the blog from a work computer with no sound, I have no idea what kirk is saying. But he does stick out his tongue. Op. There went the duck. I suppose he makes a sound too.

  2. I do need to put a mute button on the blog for people who would get in trouble with the sound on.

    Kirk says, “Picture yourself… in a boat… on a river

  3. I’m now taking my own computer to work, so I can use Firefox on a high(er) speed connection. That means, if I keep the sound low, I can still have it on. So far, however, I haven’t seen (or heard) Captain Kirk. I guess I’ll have to leave the computer connected to Muddled Ramblings for longer.

  4. I have a few other versions of this picture over in my gallery. Once I moved from Gimp to Photoshop things went a lot better for me. The plastic one is worth taking a closer look. (Photoshop1 didn’t upload correctly and I haven’t gone back to fix it.)

    While you’re there, there are some other very silly self-portraits to view.

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