The Waiting is the Hardest Part

As the end of judging nears, I still haven’t received my score. Is that a good sign? Does it mean they are holding back the top candidates so they can sort out the best 100 after their first pass? Do they want to announce the winning scores all at once? Or is it that since I submitted a long time before the deadline I’m at the bottom of the virtual pile, unread?

No way to tell.

However, while I can think of positive reasons my score announcement might be delayed, I can’t think of any negative ones — unless they lost my entry, but I think we’d be able to work that out. They’ve been quite reasonable with other folks who have fallen to technical glitches. So: only good reasons for them to delay telling me my score. Most likely they just haven’t got to me yet. No reason to fidget.

Except that I’m a writer, and I’m bound by the Writers’ Code to be neurotic about stuff like this.

6 thoughts on “The Waiting is the Hardest Part

  1. FWIW, I turned my entry in Monday morning at 2:20am (EST) and received my scores and comments back Tuesday night at 8:21pm (EST). I was really impressed with the turnaround and quite happy with the scores :->.


  2. You are not alone. I submitted my entry Sunday evening – still no score. And yes, I seem to be bound by the writing code as well (at least as far as neurosis is concerned).

    Hope it all plays out well for you!


    • I agree, but alas, Mister Boo has only 19 visitors left until the MOH turns over and he fades into the sunset. I must say it’s been nice having an active MOH to prod me to get features back in the sidebar and to get you guys out there pumpin out the haiku. (That’s how they do it in Japan, with pumps.)

      I hope that perhaps this will start a new tradition of MOH-hood here at MR&HBI. Andrew was beat out by just a few seconds last time around; maybe it will be his turn this time.

      I’m counting on all of you to flood the gates and box out the egg fryars! Remember: If you can draw it, I can make it fly across the screen.

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