Tall Tales

Sometimes it’s fun to just spin a yarn. Here are links to some of the lighter stories I’ve done that have been published by Piker Press. These are the kind of stories you might hear from the guy next to you on a barstool. He seems to believe them anyway…

  • Storm of the Century – a tall tale in the classic tradition. It’s tough on the road when you’ve got a shitload of bibles in the trunk and only half a tank of gas to get to Abilene. I intentionally under-edited this one to keep a looser feel. Most of the time when I read this I think it worked. Piker Press used it as a cover story and moderated the language just a bit.
  • Hell-Cricket – beer, firearms, and one annoying insect… FROM HELL!
  • I Saw Them First – mankind has grown complacent since the Roswell invasion, but luckily for humanity the right guy was drinking fortified wine on the right park bench, tinfoil hat already deployed.
  • Little Buddy – I wrote this for the April Fool’s edition of Piker Press one year. It’s a simple story, and I honestly can’t put my finger on why it tickles me so much. But it does.
  • The Importance of Being Paranoid – oh, they’re watching you, all right. The question is, how? And will they press charges this time?

Eventually I’ll be revisiting some of these stories, sprucing them up and getting them ready for an anthology of some sort. Eventually.

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