Well, here I go…

Welcome to the new blog category, Pirates!

For the next month I will be dedicating myself to two things: Making a short film, Pirates of the White Sand, and documenting the whole adventure on this blog. Updates will probably come in bursts as I pass in and out of Internet shadow. But fear not, me hearties! I shall be jotting down my impressions as I go.

It is 5:30 am Prague time as I write this, and I will be starting my travels soon. On the way over the ocean I will be finishing getting the storyboards into final format and working out a more specific music plan. We have some talented people on board for the music, but I haven’t heard any of it yet. We’ve lined up our B-cam operator, 2nd Nick, and our editor, 1st Nick. (It’s good to know Nicks in the business).

Much to do today before I take off, but there should be plenty more to add while I’m cooling my heels in the English countryside (Gatwick airport, specifically.) I will have a lot of time there.

Dang. I’m already tired.

10 thoughts on “Well, here I go…

  1. Gatwick eh? You may find lots more pirates there amongst the food outlets.

    Yeah, I’d clocked that TW was only judging, still, you’ll get to meet him and that’ll be cool. “9th & Hennepin” is one of my fave ‘poems’.

  2. I like that the new category is not Pirates, but rather Pirates! with emphasis. One just has to know what’s going to happen next.

  3. At least Gatwick is a reasonably comfortable place to do your waiting. Much more pleasant than Charles de Gaulle. The seats are more comfortable. The toilets in the restrooms wait until you tell them to flush (well, actually, so did the ones at de Gaulle, but they weren’t nearly as clean). The non-smoking areas are truly non-smoking. And there’s a duty-free shop that specializes in nothing but Scotch.

  4. Wow Jerry, sounds like adventures ahead. Of course, if you stopped by Carol Anne’s aforementioned scotch shop you may be a bit blurry in the land of adventure.

    Happy filming.

  5. Are ye takin’ orders for the scotch shop?

    Got ideas on your schedule over here? I am attemptinh to plan a vacation to some where about that time.

  6. Jerry! Congrats on the movie. I hope you have a fabulous time making it! (And I hope it’s not too stressful!) Wish I could see you when you are back…but we won’t be in SD until this fall…if you are ever in the mood to swing up to Portland, come by and visit!

    Have a great trip!

    P.S. Hi John!!

  7. If your flight path takes you over Iowa, wave as you go by. I’ll be in the silver building catty corner from the tall phallic building, about 20 minutes west of the Mississippi.

    Safe travels.

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